Midnite Starr

Midnite Starr

Midnite Starr is a nine piece orchestra that will energize your party. They will entertain you with every genre of music from jazz, pop, blues, r&b. The singers are , Jaylin, Kenni Hite, Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson was born into a musical family as daughter of R&B recording artist & 6-time Juno nominee, Debbie Johnson, and grandchild of Trinidad’s singing sweethearts, Ed & Angie Johnson.  Ashley embarked on her musical career at an early age, where by the age of 10, she completed 3 studio recordings for The Canadian Sesame Street and at age 11, was featured on 3 singles for Canadian environmentalist, David Suzuki’s, studio album, Amazing Journey. Presently, Ashley is a singer/songwriter fusing the soul of R&B with the Caribbean passion and flavour of soca as songstress, Ms Paige. www.mspaigemusic.com

Kenni Hite

Kenni comes from a predominately Jazz and R & B background as his father and mentor George Hite played back in the day with the likes of Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and Lionel Hampton. Through the years Kenni has performed many genres of music from Jazz, R&B, Pop to Motown. Kenni is known as Mr. Energy. Kenni Hite is a very special talent for the reason that he is able to channel his passion and love through his music so that everyone around him becomes part of that energy. Kenni continues to do what he does best, and that’s entertain. Kenni’s strength has always been and will continue to be, the heart and soul that is put into every performance. Whether it’s kickin’ out a soulful melodic ballad or throwing down a funky dance track, Kenni is constantly reaching out to every audience member to share his love and enthusiasm for the music. Come feel the Passion, the Love, and the Entertainer that is Kenni